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A Community of Bio-Engineers...

Biomedical engineering at Mississippi State University is a diverse and interdisciplinary degree that combines biological, mathematical, and engineering concepts to allow students in this field to approach problems in the biomedical community from a unique perspective. Our organization is dedicated to connecting those studentsnot only to other biomedical engineering students on campus, but also to professors, researchers, and engineers in industry to show the opportunities available to them. 

Community: First our, organization aims to connect students on campus so they can have a strong network at home to navigate the challenges of different courses and research.

College: Second, we aim to provide opportunities for students to gain valuable information on research experiences and job opportunities during their undergraduate experience.

Career: Finally, we want to show students the many directions they can go with an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering. With invited guests from the Career Center on campus and other off-campus speakers, we want to provide students with information on resume building, interviewing and networking skills, post-graduation job opportunities, and more!

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